You didn’t know LOVE.

Getting there guys.


Everyday, but today, I wonder what was going on in your head. Is it functioning? Is there any brain activity? Were the signals crossed somehow, between that line that sends waves to your heart, from the brain, that you couldn’t possibly feel my love for you? Or perhaps…nah; we won’t go there. Too many excuses, and one too many lies. Don’t worry about it; no need to explain.

How awful it feels to be in a one-sided relationship. How sad it is to love and not be loved in return.

That’s what you did. You took my love and threw it away. You lied…you cheated…you broke my heart in two. No nice (making motion with my finger).

You can’t imagine what it is to feel, because loving someone means protecting their heart and making sure no one hurts it. Love is embracing the unknown and growing with it. Such a…

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