Congratulations, you get to be sad!

I had an above average week last week. One of those weeks when I have absolutely no problem believing that everything will eventually be just fine. I will have a safe and fulfilled future surrounded by people who love me (which is a lot like my present state). Then I went to therapy and I lost it, and I got extremely sad. In fact, I became sad talking about my sadness. For you see, the new bane of my existence is what I like to call the Unexpected Bouts of Sadness – UBS for short.  Continue reading


Please Take My Hand

A lot of things have happened since my last update. M. finally got into town and we faced each other, and then things continued to go steadily downhill from there. In many way,  the panic and the fear that I felt a month ago are but a whimper. They are like that constant sound of a ceiling fan, if you pay attention you will hear it, but you can also easily ignore it.

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